P.M. Seymour

P.M. Seymour is an Irish American Voice Actor and Youtube Personality, running a channel under the same name with over 400K Subscribers and over 110 Million Views Collectively. P.M.'s voice career has stretched from indie titles like Freedom Planet (Commander Torque), Yokai Kitchen (Egdar) and Grand Guilds (Emperor Gian), to Larger scale titles like Payday 2 (Captured Soldiers) and Family Guy The Quest for Stuff (Men In Black Worms). Along with Animated series, Gods' School (Poseidon and Dionysus), Hands Up (Colton), Okamoto Kitchen (Mickey), and Ishida & Asakura (Crowd Voices).

You can keep up to date with P.M. at Twitter @patmseymourva, Instagram @pattymseymourva and his Youtube channel under "P.M. Seymour", where videos will be uploaded constantly!