Melissa Medina

Melissa is a full-time Voice Actor and singer based out of the Midwest. With a career spanning vocal & tonal extremes, they are best known as the English voice of Yuel in Granblue Fantasy VS, Herrera in Aliens: Fireteam, Elaine in Billie Bust-Up, Amelia in Lego Friends: Girls on a Mission, Rosalez in Fracked, the mouthy Garrison Commander in Mechwarrior 5, Princess Frostine in Candy Land, and even Miss Argentina in a line of Beetlejuice toys.

You can also hear Melissa in popular animated series such as Wild Card and Ion Kni, and in games such as Magic the Gathering Arena, Wasteland 3, PBS Kids’ Hero Elementary, Rose & Locket, Holofist, Ra Ra Boom, The Captain is Dead, Hero.exe, Above & Below, and many more. When not focusing on games & animation, Melissa also narrates & dubs TV shows, movies, and documentaries, voices TV & radio commercials in English and Spanish, & dabbles in movie & game trailers. Basically if there’s a type of voice acting, they’ve done it!

Passionate about helping new artists enter the world of voice acting, Melissa is also a guest instructor & certified vocal coach known for their accessibility & willingness to help new talent thrive.

Melissa is also a former classical opera singer & has toured performing shows all over the world. When not binge watching horror & sci-fi movies, you can find them eating tacos, cracking bad jokes, & dancing - sometimes all at the same time.