Krystal LaPorte

Krystal LaPorte is an actor living in Dallas, but would much rather be a wizard living at Hogwarts. She hates long walks on the beach because that requires physical effort and is probably difficult to do in a snuggie. By day, she is a criminal defense attorney. By night, she is a grungy couch potato sobbing into her cats, her room lit only by the Netflix screen asking if she’s still watching. When she’s not doing either of those, she spends her time lending her voice to animation and games.

Working as a professional voice actor for roughly six years, you can hear her as Cherri Bomb in The Hazbin Hotel, Mirai Kuriyama in Beyond the Boundary, Nikka Katajainen in Brave Witches, Tina in Overlord II, Rylibeu in Dragon Ball Super, Lion in Kemono Friends, Kohina Kiruko in Black Bullet, Yui Takamura in Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, and Frederika in Chaika: The Coffin Princess. You can also hear her works such as The Junji Ito Anthology, Tamkako Market, Akame Ga Kill, Huniepop 2, Log Horizon, Parasyte, and many more!

While most of her time is spent pursuing acting and law (or as she refers to it, acting with consequences), feel free to come talk to her about cats, cooking, or horror movies. Just a warning, though: if you bring any of these subjects up, be prepared to stay for a while.