Jeff Burns

Jeff Burns has always held a deep love and appreciation for anything animated, dating back when to he was a wee micro-Afro’d lad. So, it only made sense that as the years went on, Jeff would eventually discover that real live humans were behind the animated characters he grew up worshiping. After learning that these talented humans created character voices from within a padded room, and seeing how much of a blast the process looked like, Young Mister Burns decided to pursue this crazy career of acting we call voice. Jeff’s recent VO credits include Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale and Toradora.

A long time convention attendee (since 1998), Jeff also has a deep appreciation for conventions ever since attending San Diego Comic-Con back in the day. Over the last 6 years, he fell into the world of moderating panels at various conventions throughout California. His signature panel, Chillin' With Voice Actors, features top voice actors on a panel stage imparting their wisdom upon an unsuspecting audience and playing around with a script that's thrown at them on the spot. And of course, Jeff is also known for that awesome Afro A) that everyone knows, and B) it acts as a cloud server for his encyclopedic knowledge on subjects relating to animation and VO. Plus the dang thing also serves as a beacon that people just love to be around.

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