Jeannie Bolét

Jeannie Bolét is a British born actor and director/writer of Chinese and Vietnamese/French heritage.

She is the voice of ECHO; the latest hero to be added to Blizzard's OVERWATCH and the much anticipated OVERWATCH 2. Jeannie also voices multiple characters in a top secret video game that has yet to be announced!

As a mocap actor, Jeannie stars opposite X-Men's Shawn Ashmore in the Remedy Games QUANTUM BREAK and is currently working on mocap for a super secret sequel to a AA title.

Jeannie also works in film and television; her most recent work includes roles in Fox's 9-1-1, Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy, and the indie streaming show: ATROPA.

As a writer, she is currently creating a conscious puzzle video game, inspired by a story her father used to tell her, which brings awareness to environmental issues, as well as creating a 1/2 pilot called Saving Face - the pilot episode of the webseries screened at Seattle International Film Festival.

When she's not working in entertainment, Jeannie loves metalsmithing, cooking and hanging with her pups, Norma Jean & Edie.

She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Jeannie is thrilled to work with Gung Ho Bookings and is excited to meet you ALL! Check out her Twitter and Instagram pages here.

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