Cole Howard

Cole Howard is a professional performer from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Starting young in the world of professional theatre, and with the help of some lucky chance encounters, sent Cole spiralling into a career as a voice over actor, a career which he has been lucky enough to do for almost 20 years now. Over that time Cole has had the pleasure of lending his voice to amazing characters such as Terramar in My Little Pony, Crow Master in The Dragon Prince, and Spider-Man for Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures. Cole’s list of credits include characters in Beyblade: BURST, Gintama, Megaman: Fully Charged, and dozens more.

There is nothing Cole enjoys more than performing, whether behind a microphone or on a stage. The privilege of acting for audiences of passionate and engaged people is the dream Cole is lucky enough to live, and his gratitude is immeasurable. 

Beyond acting, Cole is an avid rock climber, sports fan, and a sometimes voice over instructor. He has a deep love for his fellow artists and the fans who give us all the ability to work.

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