Brian Doe

Growing up under the direct supervision of cartoons, Brian Doe found his calling after realizing that the characters he watched didn’t actually live inside his parent’s TV. After being bit by the acting bug, he has been walking that path ever since.

Brian is perhaps best-known for lending his voice to the characters of Timber Spruce in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls universe, Osamu Mikumo on World TriggerGabe Brunai and Katana Sakaki on Beyblade Burst, and many more.

Brian has also worked on various video games, such as Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, providing the voice of the Gaalsien Salvager units, and voicing the characters of Alain, Ricardt, and most recently Wu Kong in the Nintendo mobile game Dragalia Lost.

Not one to only be confined to the microphone, Brian has also been developing a portfolio of live action work that includes the FOX TV series Wayward Pines, and the CW Network's Supergirl to go along with various independent film projects that can be seen at film festivals around the world. 

When he's not acting, Brian can be found indulging in his addiction to guacamole and can be heard bursting into song at random moments on the streets of his current city of Vancouver, Canada. 

You can find Brian on Twitter and Instagram @TheBrianDoe