Boris Hiestand

Growing up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Boris Hiestand knew as soon as he could walk that he wanted to entertain people. His love for drawing led him to become fascinated with animated films, and when he was 18 he moved to England to study film and animation at the Surrey Institute Of Art And Design. He has since worked on films such as “Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix”, “Hotel Transylvania”, and "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and worked as an animator, character designer, storyboard artist and director on features, TV series, games, commercials and shorts for over 20 years all over the globe.

He was often asked to provide voices for the characters he created and the acting bug got him, so from 2012 he started spending more time developing his acting and voice over career, and has appeared in feature films, TV series and commercials. Voicing characters is one of his favourite things. Some of the latest work he's done is to appear as the flamboyant fashion designer Marl in "Anthem", and as the conflicted Sigma in "Overwatch".

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